How much will I need?
Start by measuring off the area you need material for. Visit the Material Calculator by clicking on the link to the right to determine how much material you need for either a rectangular area or circular area. Don’t forget about the depth and note that it is caculated in inches not feet.

What is a Cubic Yard?
One Cubic Yard is 3′ x 3′ x 3′ sqaure. It equals 27 cubic feet.
One Cubic Yard of Gravel weighs approximately 2,800 lbs., for more information on Coverage Rates and Weights visit the Materal Calculator page.

What type of product do I need?
Determining the best product for your project depends largely on where you will be using it and what the drainage or grade regulations are for your project. Determining the proper product is best done by consulting with a professional Landscape Architect, planner or designer.

Do you deliver?
YES WE DO! Dan’s Dirt & Gravel offers delivery to all cities in Kane and Kendall Counties as well as many cities in DuPage and Will Counties. For a complete list visit our Service Delivery Areas Page or give us a call at 630-479-6622.

Do you accept credit cards?
YES WE DO! Dan’s Dirt & Gravel offers offers flexible payment options. We accept cash, personal or business checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.

Do you carry Compost. . . ?
Yes we do! We carry an Organic Compost perfect balance of yard and food waste. No human or animal waste.